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my new B52 scored it's first kill

And it managed to nab one of the more annoying bugs....I have caught these "daddy long legs" stealing from my cps on many occasions. Seems justice is swift and harsh in the world of carnivorous plants. enjoy:

Nice! I am not a big fan of spiders, so seeing one meet a swift death is awesome!
that's what the lazy ******* gets for scavenging off my cp's. Go hunt something! lol.
That's a lot of leg...
:spider: no more
Its interesting that they can get their little heads caught in a trap when they have such long legs. I'd like to see it happen...I can only imagine it looking like an old black and white soundless movie that's over dramatized :jester:
I have decided to call my VFTs, Venus Granddaddy Long-Leg Trap because that is all they ever eat!!
Amazing ;) its a good meal
my plants never seen to eat spiders :/
sometimes i find them living in the pitchers (sarracenia)
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My flytrap's first meal was some sort of black beetle with yellow spots, maybe a form of ladybug?