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My. N. ventricosa var. burkei :)

Hi, Just want to share some picture of my N. ventricosa var. burkei. Why var. burkei? Cause it looks like burkei but it's really a ventricosa. :-D

upper pitcher. :)
Beautiful pics, beautiful pitchers. Congrats! :)
That is a pretty one. I wouldn't call it var. burkei, though, since it's not taxanomically accepted. I'd call it something more along the lines of 'burkei mimic'.
very pretty , burkei is my easiest and one of my favorite neps.
is this variety of ventricosa one that is available to anyone?
or is it some rare unfindable abnormal plant , id like to find one of these
for my collection . thanks for sharing.
This plant looks similar to the ventricosas from Madja-As.
hey that is a very interesting looking ventricosa. Don't see speckling like that all the time.
Thanks for the likes. Appreciate it. :)
No, this is not available to everyone. Found this during my hiking last 2 yrs ago and was able to propagate it thru cuttings. I was able to sell 2 rooted cuttings to some local nepenthaholics.
Yes, it does look similar to madja-as but unlike other ventricosa this ventricosa var. burkei grows pretty well on lowland. I found this growing at 800m ASL. :)
Very beautiful plant red dragon. But unless you have permits to collect these plants from the wild what you are doing is poaching a CITES Appendix I listed plant. I hope you have your permits because some of the plants you have shown photos of here on TF are incredible and I would love to see them in cultivation some day, but without permits you are poaching.
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mcmcnair I do have permit FYI. I'm no poaching just to let you know. I propagate them in the hope to secure the pop. in the wild and for the local collectors not to gather in the wild. Where do you think your nepenthes came from? Have you thought of that? If you think that all people taking plants from the wild is poaching then we shouldn't be allowing foreign people to climb the mountains here in the Philippines seeking nepenthes (undiscovered, and known neps), am I right?

Also, have you really check those plants already in CITES appendix? , especially nepenthes that are listed in CITES I? I haven't read anywhere in CITES I that ventricosa is listed on that site.

BTW, All the N. attenb seeds that you are seeing popping everywhere on the internet are gathered from Palawan and has no permit from the authority here. Just to inform everyone.
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The nep is lookin' good, RD.

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I wasn't accusing you of poaching, just wanted to be sure you had permits. Sorry if it appeared that way. :eek: Also nearly all of my nepenthes are from Tissue culture and the few that are not were seed grown from well known vendors that do not poach. It sounds like you are collecting very responsibly and I definitely appreciate what you are doing. As for the CITES thing, to my knowledge every species of Nepenthes is listed under Appendix I of CITES, even the so called common species.
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Not trying to push any buttons here, but when making such bold statements mcmcnair you might want to check your facts (espcially when its an easy one to check like this). All Nepenthes except two (N. rajah being CITES 1) are CITES 2. Even N. edwardsiana, hamata and klossi are CITES 2.

CITES search. Use genus and search Nepenthes
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Thanks drew. That's my bad I think I was remembering wrong, it's true that all Nepenthes are CITES listed I think but not all are CITES I. Gotta check my facts better next time :p
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Has Luzon been thoroughly explored for Nepenthes? Last I checked there are only 3 species from that island.