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My cacti collection



I have about 50 cacti and about 100 or so seedlings. This was before they went outside so I took some pics! They are all outside now and I am sure I have more since these photos!
niiiice! shoulda chose that instead of cps and saved myself alot of room. lmao!

i think the neatest one is the fourth from the left in that window sil.
They are pretty awesome! I have a couple at my dads that are about 30' total. But have to chop then in half to re root and grow again. they are about 15' now!
Great collection! I have a few succulents at my desk at work - I have an awesome window ledge - and I hope to get a little desert/jungle happening there. :)
Oh! Those are all very nice and cute!
Yes quite a nice little collection there. Though even if you had left them on the table and windowsill ... looks like you have room for plenty more.