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MPX's Grow list

Nepenthes Ventrata

Sarracenia Rubra

Anemic D. Spatulata- the leaves are not forming properly.

I am also currently trying to germinate some D. Capensis seeds.

My spatulata has put up with so much stuff I would not be surprised if it just died on me. Yesterday I noticed some flowerstalk like growths (don't look like leaves) from the center of the rosette, so hopefully I can get it to drop some seeds first. Then I could have some plantlets left to make a hybrid, capensis X spatulata.

Want list
Sarr. Oreophila hybrid
Drosera Aliciae
Drosera Capensis X Spatulata ( I am aiming on creating this as my first hybrid)
Pinguicula Aphrodite
Pinguicula Jaumavensis
Dionaea typical

- maintain current plants and germinating seeds
- acquire more growing space
- acquire more supplies and plants
- repeat until something goes wrong
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