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Moved to Utah :(

I thought that I would reintroduce myself as I have recently moved from Seattle, Wa to Utah. Prior to my move I gave away my collection and now that I am getting settled in, it is time to rebuild. I am looking for pings and once I get a cooling system setup, I will be building a collection of Heliamphora this time around.
heliamphora.... good choice. sad to see you lose your collection though. if i recall correctly, you were trying to put a collection together this time last year as well.
It was 2 or 3 years ago, they went to good homes and hopefully those who recieved them will be able to pass them on to others.
.... no utrics this time around?? :0o:
There will always be Utrics :D However, I am holding off on rebuilding that part of the collection as they require far more time than I have at the moment.
Welcome to Utah, the challenge of growing CPs in a dry climate is terrifying but fun, I wish you luck.
Sorry I don't have any pings that are happy right now or I would gladly give you some. My heli is still too small for divisions but I'll keep you in mind when it's big enough.
I'm hoping that pings will be easy to grow indoors even with the low humidity
I'm in Salt Lake, not far from you. I think you'll find it encouraging that I make virtually no provisions for humidity for most of my plants, and they do fine. Higher humidity can be helpfull, but it is way overemphasized in importance for MOST CP's (though, yes, a few seem to really need it).I don't have very many pings, so I probably can't help you there, but we should be in touch and maybe I can hook you up with a few plants :) I'd be interested to see how you make your cooling system as I've been thinking I will need one at some point as well. Luckily, my indoor highland plants have been very forgiving of less than optimal temperatures durring the summer months, but I'm sure some of them would do better with a cooling system.
Good luck and welcome to Utah!