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N. Tentaculata, Gunung Murud. I got this plant the same time as my seedgrown Hamata, refused to pitcher for me....and now it has, and its working on a couple more. well worth the wait

N. Truncata 'Pasian' this plant is a beast for such a small size....the leaf the new pitcher is on is an inch and a half, not including the base attachment to the vine.

N. Glabrata, strange plant...lol Puts out a ton of tendrils then inflates them all at once. pitchers last a month, then die...to be quickly replaced by 4 or so more

N. Lowii from Gunung Trusmadi
it has grown quite a bit, when it arrived was about the same size as the Ephippiata next to it....slow grower but meh.

Seedgrown Hamata from BE...received in September, this plant doesnt seem to grow out very much...possibly one of its unique traits?

N. Bongso, made the transition to somewhat mature lowers with this pitcher...

N. Copelandii cutting, that node activated a month and a half ago?

N. Burbidgeae, produced its first leaf for me and is hopefully going to pitcher, this plant came from Maxposwillo, growing quite well in my ultrahighland conditions

N. Densiflora, also from maxposwillo, i dont quite understand what is up with this plant....this is the first leaf its made for me, but its taking forever to open, but the tendril isnt wasting any time
N. Sibuyanensis
this pitcher sat here for.....a month or 2 before finally inflating.

N. Macrophylla, after a run in with mites, its previous leaf was rather..damaged. but it seems to be back on the right track again

N. Veitchii 'Batu Lawi' highland
also from Maxposwillo, is growing quite well for me. took off immediately

N. Jacquelineae
ive had this plant for a little over a month now...or just about a month o_O seems to be rather vigorous. hoping for a pitcher on the tendril being dropped

N. Talangensis basals

And finally N. Villosa
showed no major negative signs of shipping or repotting stress. the plants newest leaf was smaller however
God, I'm so jealous. :drool: Good to hear the macro is doing fine. Keep up updated on the truncata pitcher! I really want one for my windowsill. x3 What's the red nep in the distance in the truncata picture?
the nep in the background of the truncata is a muluensis x lowii which didnt really take kindly to some orthenex which i sprayed it with as a precaution during the mite breakout. the tendril on the new leaf blackened but im sure it will put out this leaf fine and put out a healthy leaf again afterwards
Ooh, I couldn't really make out the tag. It has nice coloring, though.
That pitcher to leaf ratio on the truncata is awesome. And the mul x lowii in the background - great leaf color. Mine has no sign of red in it despite 16 hours of light a day.
the truncata pitcher is another 1/4 on an inch bigger since 10 last night...15 hours. hmm wonder how much bigger it will get :p
thanks for the comments
and nightsky what kind of lights are you using? i only leave my lights on from 6AM to 9PM...so 15 hours of light right now.
That is the worst selection of neps ever!
I would love to grow some of those neps!
can't wait to get enough$$$$$$ to buy some of those!
great neps!
The truncata will surprise you when it gets older, growing HUGE pitchures for the leaf size.
yeah im alright pretty surprised with it Zero, the pitcher is coloring up more and more and it hasnt opened yet...turning a nice red right now...wonder what the final color will be :p
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truncata is one of those neps that is pretty much going to get darker and much larger with time.
If it shows red now it will get better. my 2 truncatas are both green bodys so I'm out of luck:(
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mine is currently has a near purple lid and the pitcher itself is turning brick red...
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Here is the truncata now, the camera just doesnt quite capture the rust orange the pitcher is turning....ill get pics when it opens and fully colors up. but hopefully the rest of the plant will end up like the lid there ;p

here is a pic with a nickle on the leaf to show you what i mean with the ratio....

and here is the adorable little Veitchii batu lawi
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beautiful. Its so big for something so small.
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my truncata did the same thing. After a while it'll make a HUGE jump in leaf size (the new leaf will be the size of the entire rosette) so get ready. Awsome neps! Hey we posted at the exact same time.
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Thats a nice peristome for such a young plant. I see great potential.
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Wow, it did color up nicely! Very nice. It's going to get even bigger in no time.
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Awesome selection, I am somewhat jealous.

Looks like you might be passing that Villosa on to your children, and then your children's children might see an upper!
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I was just going through and tagging some posts in the Nepenthes forum and just thought I should mention that species are not capitalized when labeling.