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Mississippi Growers?


I'm hosting the Wesson Garden Club meeting in April at my house. The program will be on Carnivorous Plants. I've done two different programs, showing DVD's made by others. We have a lot of new members and I'd like to know if you have any pointers. I have never gotten anyone in the group interested in growing these plants.

Also, if you are nearby you are invited!
I'm trying to do something very similar here in Georgia. I think you're doing a cool thing. I have shown CPs to well over 1000 students, parents, and small children over the past 4 years. As far as I know, maybe 1% if I'm lucky have been bitten by the CP bug. I will be teaching a class of adults all about CPs and how to grow them this summer. It's the first class of its kind in GA and I hope for good things down the road. It's hosted by my local botanical garden. I would love to embark on a spree to speak about them all across this state to all kinds of garden clubs, botanical societies, colleges, etc. That's probably a ways off still, but I think there needs to be a Johnny Appleseed of CPs in the south.

Now, that being said. While it's rare for people you teach about CPs to want to grow or collect them, or pop in a bog garden, at least they know CPs exist, and hopefully that they're in danger. Those are the most important talking points. I have people come up all the time and say "hey, your plants last year were really cool" or "the carnivorous plants in the greenhouse were better than all the other plants." So, I've never felt like I was wasting my efforts.

CPs are able to leave a lasting impression even if we're unable to clone our own desire to grow them.
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Thanks, theplantman. I hope I can reach someone.