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Miracle Purpurea

I have testament to how truly hardy a purp really is.

It all started with a death box purp from Lowe's. I took it home, replanted it in a pot and left it be for several years. It thrived without much of my intervention. Then one day about a month ago, my dog dug it up, and I thought it was gone for good. Several days later, I found its rhizome, with badly chewed off pitchers, looking alive still. So, I re-potted it and now its putting out new pitchers!! Truly a hardy plant indeed!
Yes, they are really hardy. My first one didn't really grow to well, although I got it right before winter so that might be why. Then last year I got 2 from mass, 1 of them grew amazingly even throughout the drought, the other seems to have been hit hard by the drought but it's still hanging in there and I am very certain it will survive :).
Yep! This specie is really hard to kill
Sarracenia purpurea must be one of those plants like Chloropytum comosum or a hosta; once they're established, it takes more effort to KILL them than to GROW them.
That's the reason it is the most successful sarr. My yearlings froze solid for a few weeks this winter. I was afraid I lost them but they are waking up and growing great.
And that is why the purp will be one of the few things around after the apocalypse!

Someone has to eat all the leftover cockroaches. :jester:
I'm more curious as to what ate the pitchers! My understanding is that Sarracenia pitchers are bitter in small quantities and toxic in larg(er). My Sarracenia collection is one of the only things in my yard that I don't fear deer eating (and they eat all of the "deer resistant" plants).

In the field, I have seen S. minor in Florida growing in cattle pastures -- the grass (and almost everything else) is cropped to the ground, but for these islands of Sarracenia that are entirely untouched by the grazers).
Actually, most carnivorous plants are mildly toxic. However, you'd have to eat a LOT to have any major health issues. I did hear that one lady had her pet cats die after they ate her Venus flytraps, but I'm pretty sure there was something more to it.