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Mini Fridge Higland/Heli Chamber

One of my family members businesses has closed down and they have multiple functioning mini fridges that they are getting rid of. I am thinking of cutting a hole in the top, installing a light fixture, and putting highland neps and helis in it. The fridge can go down to to the upper 40s and can go up to maybe the lower 60s. I would install a computer fan for air movement, which will run continuously. I would unplug the fridge during the day, leaving on the lights and fan, which would bring the temp to the 70s during the day, and would turn on the fridge at night, creating temps in the upper 50s. What do you think of this plan?

Good luck and good growing,
What about humidity?
I am not an expert on refrigerators but from my experience they can become very humid if moisture is provided. The fridge has shelves so I am considering putting trays of water on shelves that are not being used by plants. If this will not work I can put a pond fogger in it which will definitely work.
How big is the fridge? If space isn't an issue, as long as you can insulate the hole in the top it sounds plausible.
It is at least 4 feet high, space is not an issue.
I had the same idea last week with a wine cooler. The wine cooler has a glass door so I could see the plants. I'm sure you will get this off the ground before I do but it is a great idea.
I wouldn't worry about humidity, most fridges have a humidity setting dial on the side that can be used to increase it. If you don't want to have the hassle of unplugging the fridge every night you could always install a timer so it will go on automatically.