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Mexican ping time lapse video

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This is a time lapse of my mexican ping taken over 2 days.
It grows really fast on the first day, then slows towards the end of the day.
The second day, the growth is a lot slower.

It is available in HD too, although I used the wrong setting, so it is not as clear as it should be.
Note the movie also loops once.

it almost hard to believe that is just two days, nice growin , and lapsin. can you do about a week. and post again that would really be cool .
more more more Please
It is growing very fast, here is a picture of it today, just 2 weeks later.
The pot is 5in diameter and it's over flowing it now!

Thats very cool thanks for posting. How did you make it? what knind of camera? how long an interval also would be cool if you could make one with it catching and digesting prey so you could see the lef rolling over the prey etc. I want to try this too hence all the questions I did a video of a bettle on Drosera scorpoides a while ago, its on youtube too.
Very nice. What species is that? It looks like P. Agnata
Very cool video. How about a sequel for when it flowers?
Thanks for the comments :)
I made this on my iphone with a free app called OSnap, it's very good and worth checking out if you have an iphone.
I think the interval was 3 mins for each shot on this timelapse.
I will definitely do some more in the future.

Not sure on which species it is. I bought it from a garden centre, and it was just labelled as Mexican Ping.
Probably moranensis or a moranensis hybrid then. The flowers are what tell.
How does a time lapse work? Could you time lapse for 2-3 weeks?
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Yeah you could do a timelapse for as long as you want.
You can leave the camera/iphone/ipod permanently set up with a power cord attached and let it carry on taking shots.
Or you can do one or two shots a day, this app has an overlay of your last photo to help line up the next one. Of course this would not come out perfectly lined up, but it helps.