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Meadowview 2014 catalog and job openings

Hi Folks:

I hope you are making it through this tough winter in good spirits. Some good cheer for you. Our webmaster, Mike Smith, has just uploaded our spring catalog. Please take a look at www.pitcherplant.org. We've got a few new items, but we've had to pull several Sarracenia because of declining supply due to increased demand and lack of staff to increase production. We hope to address the staff issue this year and have three job openings: vice-president, horticulturist, and two restoration ecology intern positions. There is also a link to the job openings on our web page. We're limiting the intern positions to the summer from 5/15 - 8/1. There has been a clear need for a full time horticulturist at Meadowview for some time. The horticulturist position is going to require a motivated, honest, and competent individual and their salary will be commensurate with their ability to double or triple sales. We know we can greatly increase plant sales, we just need someone to be dedicated to this activity. Our conservation work continues to increase and we need to split the conservation and horticultural arenas. The Vice President and horticulturist positions include room and board. Both positions require signing a non-compete and non-disclosure form. Do not apply if you want to come here and learn how to setup your own non-profit or nursery, we've had enough of that!

We're looking for talented individuals dedicated to the work of Meadowview. We think it only fair that the v.p. and horticulturist positions are going to require self-motivated individuals to work with us to develop a way to be compensated. To date, Meadowview staff, volunteers, officers, and directors have been non-compensated and we expect that, at least initially, for novices joining the team. We have exciting times ahead for both the nursery and preserve system and those who join our effort can expect to grow with us.

Please feel free to spread the word and post these job openings elsewhere. Let me know if you have any questions.


Phil Sheridan, Ph.D.
Meadowview Biological
Research Station
I'm definitely interested in the horticulturist position.
Hi Folks:

The job description for the horticulturist position is now posted on our web site at www.pitcherplant.org.


Phil Sheridan