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Male N. ventricosa seeking female

My N. ventricosa is flowering again and I'd love to cross it with highland/intermediate nepenthes. PM me if interested in a 50/50 seed split.


seems like everyone has a male of that plant,minew just stop blooming and non of my other neps is blooming now
If there are no takers in the next 48hrs or so I'm going to chop off the flower stalk. There's no sense putting all that energy into pollen production if I'm not going to use it!
I have a female Ventricosa 'red' I could use a good amount of the pollen on... not the most interesting of creations but then again it's pretty rare to make species crosses in cultivation with all these hybrids out there. Let me know what you think.
Is your ventricosa in bloom and ready to receive pollen? The pollen lower on my stalk is ready to be harvested any time. Let me know if you're still interested. Any other takers?
The flowers should start opening in about a week or so ;) .
PMed ya... here's a pic of the female flower stalk to get an idea. It's coming along pretty fast! :U

DSC01236 by lance Plater, on Flickr
If the buds haven't opened yet it might not be a good idea for me to harvest the pollen yet. You'll want the pollen to be fresh and ripe right when the flower is receptive. We've got a cold snap coming Wednesday so I can get it out before then if you like or wait until next week, which is probably when you're flower will be closer to being ready anyway.