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Hey all, I know these posts can be somewhat obnoxious, but I've found some great plants through requests like this! Thanks to all who have reached out in the past :hail: Scroll down for a list of things that I'm looking for regardless of trades for the below plants.
I'll start by saying that I have a few plants to trade off since I no longer have room to keep lowlanders. I know I've brought this up with a few people already, but I wanted to test the waters and see if I got any "bites" lol. I have the following up for trade:

* Large rafflesiana about 12" across with pretty good sized pitchers. It looks to me like it's one of the "purple" clones, but I am unsure of it's origin. It's a super nice plant and I'd love to keep it, but I feel it would be much happier elsewhere. It was about to open a pitcher when I got it but aborted it since I had it in less than favorable conditions.

This pitcher was aborted, but it gives you an idea of the color:

* N. "Hopeful Monsters" which is a Merilliana hybrid with an unknown male parent grown by Sam in Hawaii. It's a nice plant with so far green pitchers. It's very vigorous and also a larger plant thats a bit over a foot across. I asked Jeremiah a while back if he had any idea who the mystery dad was, and he said it was too early to tell, but judging by the known parent, this hybrid should big big and spectacular. This was one of my first plants and I'm sad to see it go.




*N. albomarginata "cameron highlands"

*N. "gentle" this plant is pretty cool. It would probably be happy as an intermediate as well and maybe even a HLer. It's a hybrid between Fusca x maxima. This thing is VIGOROUS! It's more than doubled in size since I got it about three months ago, and it pitchers on every leaf. It's a medium sized plant about 4-5" across. This was an ebay purchase that ended up being pretty cool.


Now for what I'm looking for. THIS IS A GENERAL LIST OF THINGS I WANT and NOT just what I want for the plants listed above. I'll update my growlist soon and anyone should feel free to shoot me a PM if you have/know where to get any of these and perhaps we can work something out.

N. Glandulifera
N. naga
N. tentaculata (any local that's not one of the BE clones)
N.maxima "mini"
N. burbridgeae
N. alba
N. vogelii (I know where to find these last two, but I'd happily trade for one before buying!)
Any TM hybrid and really any dark or "elegant" pitchered nepenthes. I really like the ones like ramispina, mikei, reinwardtiana. I'd be stoked to have a nice alata as well. This is just a small portion of my "want" list, but the whole thing would easily take a page or two so I'll spare y'all. I'm pretty much open to anything. Thanks for reading!

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Also forgot to add N. gymnamphora to the list!
Is there anything else that you would like to get for the raff? take a look at my grow list and let me know if anything tickles your fancy! hope we can work something out
Lol I didn't see that post at all! But thankfully someone has already offered up a glabrata! And Tatorger, the only thing that I'd be interested in on your growlist really is N x miranda, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm going to wait and see what other offers I can find, but I'll keep you in mind for sure. Would you be able to take a cutting from that plant? Thanks.