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Lowland Nepenthes

Hello everyone! I was wondering what lowland nepenthes you recommend for my terrarium. Currently I have a N. ampullaria and N. spectabilis x ventricosa.

Any recommendations?
N.spectabilis x ventricosa is more of an intermediate/highland plant and may or may not do well long term in a LL environment. What size terrarium do you have ? If it's on the smaller side you may want to avoid species like bicalcarata and rafflesiana which can get huge.
I have found that Benstonei, Belli, and mirabilis Thai are all fairly small (or slow) growers that love lowland temps, but Bicalarata, Ampullaria and other mirabiis are much faster growers and may become to large (except amp as they take to pruning well).
Ventricosa are also happy in lowland conditions, even though they are found above 1000M, again they are fairly compact, otherwise if you have some experience Campanulata and Pervillei have been doing well in my lowland conditions and again are pretty small/slow growing.
Others that thrive in lowland conditions for me are Khansia, alata "Luzon", albomarginata, distilatoria, rafflesiana, gracilis (but this would be a terrible terrarium plant), Kongkadana, most Maxima, most veitchii, Truncta and Mirabilis "Globosa".
Otherwise Campanulata X ventricosa does very well and stays small, and Ventrata could be trimmed back, as could Maxima X alata and Rokko, but eventually Maxima X alata and Rokko will outgrow the tank.
65 gallon tank, 36 inches long, 18 inches high, 24 inches wide
I have Ampullaria, Hookeriana, Bellii, Bicalcarata x Ampullaria, Mirabilis, Albomarginata, Kuchingensis, Trichocarpa, Louisa and Veitchii LL.
Sorry if this is a stupid question but would someone mind giving me an in depth definition of lowland, highland and temperate. Thanks!
Temperate means that the plants experience warm summers and cold winters and usually require a period of dormancy. There are no temperate Nepenthes. Lowland plants arethe heat loving tropicals. Day temps in the 80's and 90's with nights dropping into the 70's. Highland plants need a much cooler environment as they come from mountains in the tropics. Day time temps should never exceed the low to mid 80's (mid 70's being optimal) with nights dropping down (depending on species) to the mid 40's to low 60's.