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I have a pretty good list of Sarracenia to trade. Just let me know what you have and we will work something out. Thanks for looking! Here's the list:

Hi Marc, I would be interested in the following: Flava Maxima, Flava Rugellii, Alata, Purp Venosa, and the Minor Okee if you have an extra. Here are all of the plants that I have extras of so please let me know if these interest you as I have sold a couple from your list:

Alata veined x 1 med

Flava hybrid from cali carn x 1 med

Psitt x Minor Okee x 5 med

Oreo x Royal Ruby x 1 med

Willisii x Areolata med. x 3 , large x 1

Rubra x Oreo med. x 2

Leuco x (Oreo x Alata) x 5 med

Big Green Thing x 4 med

Snowflake x 1 med

Cleopatra's Demise x 1 med

Night Sky x 1 med

Alata x Rubra Wherryi MBRS x 4 med

Areolata Ruby Throat #14 x 3 med

Flies Demise x Wilkerson's Red x 2 med/large

Rubra Jonesii x Rubra Gulfensis x 1 med.

Lady Bug x 4 med

Mad Green Thing x 5 med

Kimber's Sister x 2 med

(Oreo x Royal Ruby) x Purp Venosa x 12 small

Alucard x Leah Wilkerson x 1 small

(Alata Black x Flava Red) x Plum x 2

Flash x Flava Coppertop x 4 small

Plum x Mitchelliana x 6 small

Red Sun x Flava Rubricorpora x 3 small

Flava Ornata x Flava Ornata x 5 small

(Flava Rubricorpora x Leuco) x Leuco x 4 small

Leah Wilkerson x Leuco Hot Pink x 2 small

Leuco Purple Lips x (Flava Red x Leuco) x 3 small

Mitchelliana x Alata Red/Black x 10 small

Lady Bug x Purp Venosa x 9 small
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Mainly looking for Sarracenia.
I guess I should have said that I am mainly looking for Sarracenia and Venus Flytraps.
Updated! Duffman I tried to reply to your pm but it said your inbox was full.
I would be intrested in the
Oreo x Royal Ruby x 1 med
Night Sky x 1 med
Flash x Flava Coppertop x 4 small
Are any of these available?