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lot of mammoth sunflower seeds Ozzy $4

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Oct 4, 2008
New York, USA
Hey...well this is probably gona be my last auction for this time...

up for auction is a lot of 100+ mammoth sunflower seeds...organic homegrown from last year...i still have way to many seeds and im never going to be able to plant them all...of course there annuals..but you will get a ton of seed/flower head...i had about 5 flower heads and i got i think it was 12oz of seeds, which is like 2000+ seeds (lol doing little math estimation)..the smaller ones reach 5-7ft tall...while the taller ones reached 10+ ft tall...i will have a ton of these being offered once fall hits too (if no auction they will be offered in the trade section)...seed size ranges from dime to nickel sized...maybe even a little larger...you can grow your own and have generations to come...or you can roast them as with tons of sunflowers..(i have not done this yet)...

you are recieving first generation produced by my plants...genetic variation will be added this year as i have obtained multiple mammoth seeds from other traders to ensure plants don't get inbred to much...key with these is the more sun the taller they get...once there started they grow pretty fast...last year i think the tallest plant i got was 12-13ft tall, had a seed head roughly 12-15in in diameter...and the stalk itself was 1.5-2.5in in diameter

hope to keep producing and have nice seeds to offer on the auction/trade/sase yearly if people are interested.

Starting bid: $2

Shipping will cost $2-$3 shipped in bubble mailer

US bidders only please



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Jul 29, 2001
Greenswamp, NC
I got the seeds. I haven't sent shipping yet, I plan to do that on Friday.

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