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looking for terra recommendations


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
Okay, I'm looking for an ideas on what type/brand terra I can get for the space I have in mind. I have a space available that can fit a terra no larger than 31"long by 24" deep by 28" high, with front access doors. This allows for lights to be hung above rather than inside. Exoterra makes almost what I want, except they are too long for my space. And the space is not negotiable.
Any ideas?
In my experience, ExoTerra is way overpriced, but it's usually the tallest and thinnest terrarium that you can find without doing custom work. In other words, most other terrarium's you'll find in stores will be long and shallow. I know ZooMed makes tanks similar to ExoTerra although the dimensions are a little different on a few models. Perhaps you'll have better luck with those. Otherwise you might not find something on a shelf that will fit those dimensions. I could be totally wrong though. Good luck!

P.S. You could totally build your own terrarium though. It's pretty fun and might save you a bit of money, while having the exact specs that your looking for. I've been thinking of building a new one with spaces for fan holes, and using an insulated material for the back and sides (or maybe just one side). It's hard work, but a lot of fun to make your own.
An odd size requirement. I assume smaller dimensions with regard to height are not acceptable?

Would any of the Marty Made line work for you? (The doors would be sliders as opposed to swinging open.) Here's a link:

it not that difficult to build your own, i have some ideas on youtube if you would like pm me and i can give my address
i did a entire tank on there. w front sliding doors
you can probably finde some of it im my history if you look way back.
im thinking about building a new one in the near future, just a little bigger, "more height" basically the same other than that
T(h)anks for the the replies guys. Yes, the link would be wonderful. Essentially my main need is for height. My space can go no wider than the 31" i said. Any higher than 24" and I can not easily reach over the top due to space constrictions. The terra will be fitted into the space on a shelving unit. I can't aquire more or different space right now, so I'm stuck with using that, awkard as it is, If I want a new terra.