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I will try my luck here and need your help to fine a N. hamata around 3in diameter.
I have to for trades:
N. aristo (2in dia)
N. lowii x talangensis
N. lowii x fusca
N. 'Sabre' rooted cutting
N. maxima x izumea (LRG)
N. vent x aristo (rooted cutting)
N. vent x ovata (rooted cutting)
N. truncata-red x lowii

And if anyone have a N. hurrelliana for trade :crazy:..I am willing to trade a N. ventricosa 'Porcelain' form 2 years rooted tip cutting around 6in and a un-rooting cutting of N. x briggsiana 'Atlanta Giant' or a female N. lowii x ventricosa-red EP clone. :jester: