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Looking For Deeper Trays


Tropical Fish Enthusiast
I am looking for deeper / taller trays to accommodate my 9" tall pygmy sundew pots (32 oz drinking cups). Does anybody know where I can find them?


Cement mixing bins perhaps? They are too big to fit that stand though. Home Depot has them for around $6.
I use sterilite tubs. They are usually cheap, comes in many sizes and last longer than the seedlings trays.
I was going to suggest the cement mixing trays as well, they come in two sizes, but I can't tell form the pictures if the smaller one would fit or not.
A temporary solution that I've used is cutting the tops off of milk or juice cartons and using one for each cup. It helped until I found a more permanent solution.

Hmmm maybe you can find some plastic storage tubs that would fit? Usually Walmart/Kmart has a big selection of sizes and depths......
I've used their shoebox sized plastics tubs quite often and they're only a dollar a piece!
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Restaurant supply - the gray tubs used for bussing dishes - take a lot of abuse and will last forever.
dollar store ...... litter boxes....
I have used cat litter trays for this before.
Thanks for the suggestions! The width is 10.5" and the length is 22".
I keep forgetting about litter boxes. I need to give those a go. Keep hearing good stuff.