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Locally bought Nepenthes.

I bought this Nepenthes the other day. It was labelled as N. Alata but I'm almost certain that is wrong. Here is what it looks like:

The plant:

The only pitcher on it right now:

The plant card:
95% sure it's a N. x ventrata.
That was my thought as well since ventrata is fairly common in local nurseries but looking at pictures on google images, it doesn't seem to be as smooth. Its 'wings' look pronounced compared to typical looking ventratas. Or is that just normal variation?
you're also dealing with a young pitcher. morphology is very volatile when the plant/basal is young. the adult looking characteristics pop up over time.

the leaves on the other hand seem to look like they have ventricosa influence in them. there arent that many ventricosa hybrids in the general garden market, so ventrata is most likely it.
It's definitely a X ventrata. A local nursery here stocks the same plants with the same exact tags. I saw 20 or 30 of them just today. The same grower also sells X 'Miranda'.
Well that pretty much solves the mystery. I bought a 'miranda' a few months ago with the same grower tag. Thanks guys!