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Live Sphagnum Moss!


Hi! Im Quinton, and I'm addicted to CPs....
Hey everyone,
I have quite a bit of live sphagnum moss (green) that I would be willing to trade for some VFTs and/or sarracenia.
For the VFTs im looking for red dragon, or anything other than the typical.
And for the sarracenia, im looking for just about any hybrid.
PM me if interested!

Thank you!


I will also trade for pretty much any other CP now that i think about it.. :)
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roughly how much sphag would a small unknown red VFT get me?

also have some dentate trap VFTs if interested

depends, about how big would u say "small" is? and yeah im interested in the dentate. PM me
How about U. gibba as tradebait?
Yes! PM me please :)