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little something for the beginner to get their high humidity terrarium going cheap

I was browsing through the net and came across one of those pond foggers.....for those of you considering a beginners terrarium this will help you with the humidity for a mere 30 bucks....My terrarium is setup so the plants sit on isolated trays about several inches of water so the supply will never run out either. something that is a problem with standard humidifiers i assume.

I suppose it could work for a lerger setup/greenhouse green house but one would need a larger(more expensive fogger and a water supply). i purchased mine at lowes on sale for $30...quiet...no maintenance....i say a win.

far as the numbers...on the old system i was using a aerating fishtank pump and generated a daytime humidity and nighttime humidity of 80....so far daytime humidity has increased to 88 and will have to see about night time. something i am sure my lowlanders will appreciate :)
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update 1: night time humidity is upwards of 92% and 90 looks alot different that 80! I will be closely monitoring my future lowland giants to gauge their reaction. I suspect they will react positively.....hopefully that stubborn *** echinostoma will snap out of it's little coma and put up some new leaves now...sheesh.

also the soft LED's in it should emulate moonlight a little which may also help the jungle plants.
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You can buy the foggers on ebay cheap.

Most of the asian sellers have the foggers for like $1 and maybe $4 shipping. They DO NOT include a power supply but most surplus stores carry wallwarts. find one that is 24VDC and about 1.2A.

Even the units being sold with the power supplies are cheaper than you can get at lowes.

The catch?? If it's an asian seller it usually takes 3 weeks MINIMUM to get to your door. I've ordered from many asian sellers and not had problems with the products, the stuff from hong kong shows up at my door in exactly 3.5 weeks time and only once did I ever have an item not show up.
But the asian sellers don't have a float on theirs. With this one, you can just get a 5 gallon bucket from Home depot and put it in there. It will stay at a set level, so you will get a lot of fog production all the time and it will run out only once every few days. I have an RO unit, so this is especially appealing because I can just refill it every once in a while for almost nothing.
yep, its in my terrarium :)...i tried with and without the float and it pushes out alot more fog with the float.
How much fog? Video or pics?