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little northiana* a month later..

Today would be exactly one month I have this baby under my care.

Here is a picture when I first got it.


This is the pitcher that made it. The other two died a week later.


The whole plant now.

This is the new pitcher from the new baby leaf! still growing.


And a picture of where is sitting outside, right under the bromeliad. On top you can see the Miranda :)

Congrats! Many people find this species hard but if you live in florida with high humidity and high heat it makes wonderful conditions for it! You may want to adapt it to the sunlight, northiana lives on limestone cliffs ;) . I know of several Nepenthes that can live in highland and lowland that would love your conditions year round! Cant wait to see how it does!
Thank you for the kind words Lance :) so far its my fastest growing nepenthes after miranda lol. on this spot it gets sun from 11 to 1 & then from 3 to 6. I water it every morning and spray it every night. Can you please tell me the list of names of highland nepenthes that can live in my conditions?! :D I'm new to nepenthes.
Nice northiana! Mine is working on a new pitcher too. Be nice to see how they look when theyre bigger.
One of my favorites. They key with this species is time. It takes off once the leaf span reaches a foot across.
Thank you dionae! I know, I hope it doesn't take too long! I'd love to get a WS one next to see difference :). Thanks for the heads up Wire Man, sigh.. A foot long?!! No! Oh patience. Lol
Good job, this is my favorite species, and I can barely keep it alive...they just don't like me I guess.
Thank you Exo :) I've seen your gorgeous plants and you have plenty that I can't grow. I'm sure northiana will love you. she is just very shy. I hardly look at mine. lol