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Light bulb Terrarium Plant?

I got bored so I hollowed out a light bulb? Any ideas of plant to grow that isn't a cactus,moss,carnivorous,or a fern?
lol how big is the bulb?
Nepenthes rajah or Amorphophallus titanum could work.
QUESTION: Why grow anything that isn't carnivorous? :0o:
Nepenthes rajah or Amorphophallus titanum could work.
@Sundrew I'm going through a phase...

@Heli I don't think we use the same sized baseballs
Ooh I thought you meant one of those Zorb Balls. :awesome:
Forget the plant and grow Sea Monkeys.
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Try a miniature orchid like psygmorchis pusilla
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there are lots of tiny orchids that should do fine in a lightbulb, at least while they're small...
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Psygmorchis pusilla is awesome! Sophronitis cernua might be a good one too.
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Cymbidium dayanum, Dracula lotax, Dryadella zebrina, Haraella odorata, Masdevallia herradurae, and Pleurothalis ornata would be fun miniature orchids to try in the bulb. Utricularia would always be a good choice, too.
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Dang a few of those are expensive. Maybe I should just use sphagnum moss.
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I have 2 of them. Both are still too small to divide. I know a guy who sells them cheap, though.
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Cattleya cernua looks like my best choice :D
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Soph. cernua is an awesome little miniature. Mine's about to flower, too. Here's how I grow it;

-LECA medium
-West facing window
-Misted 2 times a day

That's pretty much it.