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LF: Red VFT, Drosera aliciae, other small CPs

I'm looking for a few small CPs to grow outside in an essentially frost-free climate with fairly cool summers (75/55).

This post is partly to go along with the very long one that I just posted:


I'm trying to sneak some more plants into my mom's, who always insists she has too many. She does have a couple pots of Sarracenias, and some smaller CPs could fit into those. She really likes the color red (also purple). She used to have Drosera aliciae (her name is Alice), which came along with another plant she picked up while visiting a winery that had a certain CP nursery associated with it. In general, I'm open for suggestions.

If I don't get such plants through the trade mentioned above, I'm still interested in tracking them down, and can trade for others I may have. I've previously posted a number of threads with non-CP plants I have, although ask if you are unfamiliar.

This is a good place to start, though, although it is not up-to-date, and not complete:


In general, the plants I have to trade are limited to non-CPs, although I might have one or two (for example I have a rooted cutting of a Nepenthes burkei x truncata).
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I can throw a couple D.aliciae in the box I'll be sending your way soon.
Johnny, that would be great. Thanks!
By the way, I got the N. burkei x truncata as a seedling in 1995. My mom has actually kept a rooted cutting of that alive most of the time since then.

Am I correct in understanding that N. burkei was rare in cultivation (if at all) back then, and most (all?) were mislabeled N. ventricosas?

If so, the plant would of course be N. ventricosa x truncata.