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LF Less than common :D

Hello all,
Currently I am a high school senior, and a requirement for graduation here is completing some sort of senior project. So, I am working on putting together a comprehensive carnivorous plant presentation, and am looking to bring along a wide variety of live plants for the presentation, which brings me to my request:
I am looking for genera of carnivorous plants that I do not yet have in my collection, including Heliamphora, Byblis, Genlisea, Brocchinia or Catopsis, or any of the lesser known carnivores of other genera, such as the large-flowered Utrics, tuberous or pygmy sundews, South American sundews, or tropical African sundews.
If there is something along these lines you can spare, please shoot me a pm, and if I can get donations of the cheaper plants, great, or for the slightly rarer plants, maybe a trade or other deal can be worked out.
What kind of cape sundews? I already have typical and alba, but if you have red, wide, leaf, or any of the other forms, I'd be interested in plants or seeds.
What does the subject line of this thread mean?
even after reading the thread, I have no idea..

He would like trade for plants other then his own.
It means I am setting up for a large presentation, and am trying to get at least one of nearly every genus of CP into my collection for the presentation, or less commonly seen plants that will capture people's attention. If possible, donations of the cheaper species are appreciated, but I am willing to trade what few plants I still have for trading purposes or send reimbursement payment for the less common plants.
I don't have the narrow leaf form yet, so it would be great if you'd be willing to send me any. It would be a good example of species variety.
I have some Drosera madagascariensis plantlets from a leaf cutting if you're interested. Would you be willing to trade your D. prolifera? here are some pics. sorry for the crappy qualiuty

and here is the plant I got the leaf from
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I don't have any D. prolifera for trade, I'm still trying to bring my parent plants back around, and I am already working on madagascariensis, sorry.