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LED grow light testing (Lvjing High Power 120w Led Plant Grow Light Panel)

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I'm also starting testing the Blue/Red LED Pannels myself for almost 1 week now, on D. Capensis, D. Aliciae, P. Tina, D. Scorpioides, Many Drosera babies, N. Alata leaf cuttings, Sarracenia (i think it's Purpurea x Flava) and Sarracenia Purpurea

All I could see until now, since 5 days has passed, is:
P. Tina flower likes the lights. It turns everytime for the light, and the plant itself seems to hold its dew pretty nicely
D. Capensis lost their dew somehow...
D. Scorpioides (maybe it wasn't triggered by these lights, but somethings else) started producing gemmae.
Sarracenia (supposedly Purpurea x Flava) are for only 1 day there, so I wouldn't know.
Sarracenia Purpurea are doing just fine.
If you guys are interested, I'll post some weekly updates. The pannels are 2x 14W LED lights, at around 40-50cm height from the plants.