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Largest carnivorous plants

For each type of carnivorous plant, what is the largest representative?

Venus Fly Trap (Cultivars/Varieties/Forms):


Non Tropical Pitchers:




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Drosera: gigantea is the largest overall
Nepenthes: rajah has the largest pitchers
Pinguicula: gigantea is the largest I think
Sarracenia: leucophylla seems to be the tallest
Utricularia: humboldtii has the largest bladders and flowers, longifolia has the longest stolons
There is some debate as to whether or not either N. attenboroughii or N. palawanensis can have bigger pitchers than N. rajah. Also there are some artificial hybrids that have been grown which can have freakishly large pitchers. . .

Though as far as over-all size I remember reading somewhere that N. bicalcarata may be the biggest in overall mass and length of any Nepenthes.

Heliamphora ionasi is the largest Heliamphora.
Bicalarata I the "largest" nepenthes, but that's the plant itself not the traps, merriliana, a coupe raff giant varieties and palawanensis are large pitchered plants, it would not surprise me if they outdid rajah.
Drosera Gigantea would be the tallest, but maybe not the largest in actual mass, regia could rival its mass, another thing is that certain species (like adelae) can be spread through roots, so if an adelae send a 2m root and makes a new adelae but both survive with the same root is it one plant?, or as we would presume the root s going to break/rot an divide that it is to plants?
Also although U.Humboltii does have the largest leaves, many other utrics are much larger plants, especially some of the aquatic utrics, Aurea for example are commonly found in strands over 1m and with branches to add to that, as well as having a large diameter.

I'm not sure about sarra, but isn't there a Giant variety of Minor, how tall do leucs get?
There's also a new species of Drosera from South America that's giving D.regia some competition for the title.
I would think that under the proper conditions an aquatic Utric like vulgaris would be hands down the winner. Unless it gets fragmented by water movement or something, what would the limit on its max size be?
heliamphora sort of depends if we are talking pitcher size or plant size....

I know of one euro grower who has a vertical growing tatei that is 4-5 foot tall (estimated from pictures)
(and I am being very conservative, more likely 6-7 foot tall, it is the most impressive heli that I am aware of)
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Dionaea 'B52' has for a long time held the record for largest, but some of the new giant forms may surpass even it.
For sheer size, N. bicalcarata is definitely the biggest plant, but pitcher wise, in general rajah has the largest traps. The other new species may certainly occasionally put out pitchers that outdo rajah, but for pitcher size on average nothing yet beats it.
With Sarracenia, flava rugelii holds the record right now, with some plants having been recorded at more than 4' tall, but leucophylla and x moorei are definitely close.
Heliamphora I can't really speak for, but I know ionasii and tatei are both famed for size
P. gigantea is probably largest by mass, but longifolia or vallisneriifolia have far longer leaves.
D. gigantea and regia, by mass, may be the largest, but D. erythrogyne is the longest, with climbing stems up to 10' in cases.
The largest bladderwort species I've seen yet may be U. floridana, as I've seen pictures of plants easily having branches of 7 or 8 feet before. For bladder size, humboldtii and arnhemica are both close, and for leaves longifolia probably does have the longest on average, but U. cornigera can have some massive lamina.
For Nepenthes biggest plant is still quite up for debate, we really need to narrow it down to certain aspects. For leaf surface area I think Rajah wins. Possibly Bical for leaf length, but Rajah really does get some huge leaves! Bical just vines very easily and will reach incredible heights very quickly compared to Rajah.
Pitcher Size also needs to be described better, for Volume Rajah may hold the record for a true species, but the massive pitchers seem less common than I once thought they were. Truncata on the other hand delivers constant huge pitchers that are of course taller than Rajah.
Hybrid-wise the biggest volume pitcher I've seen was Sam's 2.8 liter 'Caesar' pitcher. I've seen crude photos of ones that are supposedly bigger, but no detailed analysis.
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For Dionaea I did a search a while back and found the CPUK Forums Competition: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showforum=17
The biggest of any year they had the competition was 52mm by Guillaume. Second was a 51.5mm 'GC4'; Third a 50mm ('South West Giant' aka "G16" aka 'Adrian Slack's Giant')
Does anyone have photos of anything bigger? Always rumors of 2+" traps but never photos...
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With Sarracenia, flava rugelii holds the record right now, with some plants having been recorded at more than 4' tall, but leucophylla and x moorei are definitely close.

Wow! That is amazing. I've guessing those were growing in the wild.
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I don't know, I've seen pics of a few plants in greenhouse conditions that may be pushing that size..