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Keith's Photos

Is that a flower spike I see peeking on Drosera spiralis? Boo-yah! and :mwahaha:
Hey, mine is blooming too! Nicely done.

Good work! I have been worried because I havn't been able to successfully reproduce this one vegetatively yet and would like more than one of everything in the collection. Always good to have a backup!
Hey, mine is blooming too! Nicely done.

Pretty good for a years growth on this VFT
Nice. That's what used to be sold as the "Jumbo"-sized vft bulb. They claimed they were 10-plus years old!
This should be officially its second dormancy, so 2 ish?
That VFT bulbs is a bit of a monster! Good job!
Drosera schizandra, thank you chibae

Drosera adelae

and crockery
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So I have been real busy with school and have taken on the Secretary position with the ICPS lately and haven't been around here as much as I would like to be. I have been spending a lot of time on Facebook posting pics and have neglected my thread here. So here it is: if you haven't been following the action on FB, my last few months worth of pics-photo slam style...Enjoy!

C. folicularis and D. hamiltonii

D. slackii

D. slackii

Unknown mini mutants

D. x hybrida

VFT Unknown

S. x catesbae

Unknown Drosera seedlings

U. longifolia and a mushroom

D. spiralis

D. 'Albino' x aliciae

D. admirabillis

P. agnata

U. sandersonii

P. grandiflora

P. grandiflora 1 week prior

P. agnata

D. 'Albino' x aliciae

D. muscipula I forget...saw tooth or dentate

H. sapiens

U. calycifida

P. gracillis x moctezumae

U. livida and a probable cape seedling

D. hamiltonii

That's it for now although I'm sure I missed a bunch. Thanks for looking and thank you Terraforums for hosting!
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Beautiful pics! I love that dark cephalotus.
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Thank you! That pic caused a bit of a stink on FB.
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Just got more than a few "likes". The plant is actually suffering from a bit of stem rot from some careless watering and the darkening seems coincident with not only time spent under the lights, but mostly this case of rot. The Drosera loved it, but the ceph is not so pretty now and is hanging in there.
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Ah man. Hate to hear that. Hope it makes a speedy recovery.
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LOL, love the selfie. . .

Is that a 'wide leaf' capensis? Looking fantastic!
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Lol, that came to me as 'Albino' x aliciae. As far as I know, I have no wide leaf capes.
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:0o: Really... well you could have had me fooled!
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I really like those colors on the Cephalotus. Are they under LED's? I have a few that I'm considering trying to darken up a little. Nice growing!
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54 watt 4' sunblasters I believe. 2 per shelf
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Great looking plants and nice photos! I have often mistaken D. capensis x spatulata for D. hilaris. It does look like an extremely broad-leaved capensis.

Congrats on your position with the ICPS, Shortbus! You are generous to give your time in this way. I feel that we who love the CP hobby are indebted to those of you who serve the Society. For those who may not know - they are often here among us on this forum.