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Just like a bad check...

vft guy in SJ

VFT and Drosera lover
Hello all... I am back!!

Its been a while since I have been active here at TF, so I thought I'd take a minute to re-introduce myself.

I first got interested in CPs back in 2002 or so when I got my first venus flytrap. After a year or so I discovered this forum and I really loved it. I made many friends, acquired and traded many plants and generally fell in love with the hobby. Then I was offered a job that required me to move out of state and I had to give away my entire collection. That job fell through, and I ended up moving back to California where I got a job driving trucks long haul. It was a great job but left me no time at all for plants.

About 4 years ago I got married to my beautiful wife, and went back to work as a cabinetmaker (which I had been doing for about 20 years prior to the big move out of state). I was back to having plenty of time again, but never had any money for proper care and maintenance of CPs. Last year I landed a fantastic job driving rigs here in California. I get home regularly, and even managed to buy a new home in Merced. (I suppose I should change my screen id to "vft guy in Merced" lol )

So today I am looking forward to reestablishing my CP collection. I really miss my plants and can't wait to get going in the hobby again.

Well that's about all for now, I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted with my old friends here and making new ones as time rolls on.

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Hey, welcome back to TF! I feel like at least half of this forum lives in the Bay Area. Can't wait to see your rebuild! If you're in need of any Sarr divisions, let me know. I'll have quite a few fresh ones in about a week.
Hi Steve, and welcome back! How are things in San Juan?
Lol Jim.. Things are going very well... As I said, I have a new job that I (mostly) love... Got married a few years ago... and just bought my first house. Overall I can't complain much. All I need now is to start rebuilding my CP collection. :)
Glad to see you back and now married! And of course I'm gonna mess with ya bit as well!
Out of curiosity, how did you like being a cabinetmaker? Sounds like fun relaxing work.

Welcome back!
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Welcome back.
Welcome back, Steve. Like you, I have not been around much recently. It's great to see some old timers resurface. Good luck reestablishing your CP collection!