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Jokes & Humor: The Folks of DG

I was playing with this for KendraSue's post and it's sort of a spinoff of what we think others look like. I was having so much fun with it that it kept growing. lol But I think my mind has blown a gasket I can't think of more.
These are the ones that came to mind easy so I thought everybody could add others of DG to it and maybe we can get everybody.

There is a place that I call home
I knew once I found it I no longer needed to roam
My friends are here
And all the garden advice I need is near.

Oh geez where do I do I start
Everybody has such a place in my heart
Dave our fun loving Webmaster
Always they’re when we need an answer

Trish our garden mistress
Has proved she is quite the seamstress
Coco the queen of cook
Is making us our recipe book.

Aimee, which has been through so much
Helps us all keep in touch.
Roadrunner oh what a treat
She always has chocolate to eat.

Redrose a beauty through and through
You never know what gift she will bring to you.
TiG has a heart big as gold
Don’t believe if somebody else told ya it ain’t so

Badseed is my friend and I know will be there
I can count on her when nobody else cares.
Nana is a one of a kind
I don’t think a better friend I would ever find.

Eyes if a piece of art
And will always have a special place in my heart.
GoVols is our garden helper
The plants database wouldn’t be what it is with out her.

Then there is sweet PoppySue without her I don’t know what we would do.
Always they’re to answer any question for you.
Calalily is also the best
She really puts us to a test.

Crimson feels so alone
But I am sure we can make her feel at home
Zany is such a hoot
Because you know she don’t give a toot.

Mike is ready for anything
You never know what to the party he will bring
Shoe with his stories so true
Can always but a smile on your face when you’re blue.

Louisa we have missed you since you have roamed
To visit your loved ones far away from home.
Lisa is our Cajun queen
Market growers beware because with this she is very keen.

Flowox has such offered so much
With all her seed packets and such
Gardenwife is our computer guru
She is always there to help you.

Gardenhubby is our chef on board
He fixes steaks you will adore.
Lilith is a lady true and sound
Is always willing to help when she is around.

Baa such a loving heart
Always doing her part.
Tim our passiflora expert
All his pictures keep us alert.

Azelea a wonderful grandmother you make
No other could take your place.
Jody our tried and true
No garden would be complete without you.

Paul is one of the best
He puts our gardening knowledge to the test.
Laura my friend from down under
What adventure she has planned next I have to wonder.

GRC our true southern gent
Keeps us all rolling with his quick wit.
Kelly a Master Gardner don’t ya know
Can help with anything that grows.

JSS a beauty through and through
A rose she will always have for you
Liz has given us our Hobbitt names
But Brugs really are her claim to fame

MaVie Rose with her charming insight
Searches for answers day and night
Sis with her quick wit of hydrangeas dreams
But grows everything so it seems.

Evert the youngest here by far
But in this garden he’s a shining star.
Weedwalker for her mom came to look
For info on medicinal plants she’s better than a book.

Read more: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/136500/#ixzz2vANGLQen