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Japanese Aldrovanda

Back to my old standby. I was looking the other day and noticed some changes at the growth tips and thought maybe they would surprise me and flower. I think though they are just beginning to get ready to take their winters nap. Thickening up at the tips.

Four pieces to go out, First come, first served. Post here, then send me a pm with your mailing info. Might want to refresh and make sure no one else posted at the same time.

Conditions, have a place and a plan to overwinter it/care for it. And if you don't, fudge the best you can. If your grow area/water feature is outside, be sure it is deep enough to not freeze solid.
Postage on me, regular post. Or, at your option, you can ping me PP to my email $7 and get Priority small box. If you are one of the four, let me know which postage option you want, and include with your address
your TF name. *Hint*, small Priority will probably get you extra stuff. If you have not tried this plant before, and want to, this is for you.

Good luck!
Pm'ed,thanks for the offer I'm super stoked to start a new plant like this
PMd. thanks! this is going to be my first ever try at aldrovanda, im super excited!
Careful. Paul hooked me up with my first Aldrovanda plant. Now I'm in love.

Well, that might be over stating it... but they are neat. Nice give away as always, Paul.
Offer closed. Will send out in a couple of days. If I do not have your address, pm or email it to me.
Packages to the PO today, out on Monday. Good luck, folks!

I was hoping for a small starter of Aldrovanda to add to my new aquatic setup and oh man did pearldiver set me up! I hope you all opted for the extra postage because I now have a full tank. This is just a temporary home until we get settled in our new house in a week or so. Thanks for the very generous gift of all the extra goodies!
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I got a utricularia aurea and a water lettuce yesterday! I was expecting an aldrovanda but this will do. Thanks A ton!!
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That doesn't make sense, but mistakes do happen. I'll get back to you.