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Is this....Real?


So I came across this image... Is it real? If so any possible ids? Its super weird looking :0o:.

N. mirabilis ssp echisomethignor other IIRC
Nepenthes mirabilis ssp. echinostoma. Freshly opened pitcher.
Looks to be quite a spectacular specimen based on the others in that link.
Highland conditions right?
It's real, along with being real hard to find. I mean I know where to get one but I would never give that person money again... :lol:
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Typical Nepenthes, it can produce some long vines over time. Beautiful thing about Nepenthes is though, when they get out of control you can just cut them back and root the cuttings.
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Nice! I'll definitely keep my eyes open!
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I had a mess of these a few years back. Had a hard time giving them away.
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I had a mess of these a few years back. Had a hard time giving them away.

Interesting devil, that!

You were a man ahead of your time, Johnny!

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Probably one of the plants with a more stacked "bizarreness : availability" ratio compared to others.
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It's funny how plant trends run. There will be some plant, common as dirt and a few years later that same plant that hardly anyone bothered with will be on everyone's "WANT LIST". Case in point......when I first got into these plants, Drosera prolifera seemed to be everywhere. I got it thrown in as a freebie on several occasions with both trades and orders from online vendors. Couldn't give the thing away. About 2 years ago D.prolifera was going for $60.00 on vendors lists and selling for $100.00+ on ebay ! I've noticed that recently N.ampullaria and N.bicalcarata are all of a sudden bringing outrageous prices online, 2 species that could be purchased for under $20.00 from many vendors not all that long ago.