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Is this mold on the leaf?

Uhmmmm I am not sure if that's the color of the leaf or mold...

HELP!!!! thanks!!

This is a Nepenthes veitchii x platychila. It's growing in a HL terrarium.


What am I supposed to be looking at here ? All I see is some water on the leaf and what looks like a dog or cat hair.
If you mean the fuzz, that's the indumentum. It's a fine covering of hairs on the plant present on the leaves, pitchers, etc and is perfectly normal. In your case its mainly from the veitchii parent.

Otherwise, the red spots on the leaves are probably just a reaction to increased light levels.
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Hahah you have such good eyes, indeed its a dog hair. I should clarify, the green color on the leafs and the hair was what I wondering.

Thanks!! The red's been there but what about the green part of the leaf? How come out of the 5 leafs, this is the only one that has recently developing green?
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The greening is probably due to a reduction in light levels. Many species and hybrids will have bright red leaves in high light giving way to green in conditions with decreased light.
If the green rubs off on your fingers, it's probably an algae form. Otherwise, just the coloring of the leaves.
I recently brought it from outside. It was sitting under other grow racks receiving 2-3 hours of direct morning sunlight and shaded+dappled after 11AM. So the terrarium's light is weaker than outdoors right? Should I do something about this? thank you ^_^

Good idea, I just did and it won't wipe off. thank you :)
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