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is something eating my N. Ventrata? with pic

This morning I saw a little tiny black bug climbing on this leaf and when i looked closer i think it ate my leaf

should i get a pesticide?

Whatever it is, a systemic insecticide would make sure it doesn't happen again. However, this should be in the Nepenthes subforum, not the Sarracenia etc. subforum.
Its nearly impossible to tell from that photo (the angle obscures more than it reveals), but given that there is dark/dried tissue along the damage perimeter, I would imagine that is not damage from this morning, but from days earlier. In fact, from this angle it looks like some sort of mechanical damage (damage from abrading against something) rather than insect damage.
I have serious doubts that you have pest damage, but I can't rule it out without better photos. Leaf shape is affected by aphids and thrips, so be sure to check for those or get better, close-up photos. Your damage will not have been caused by mealybugs or scale. The only pest that is black is thrips, and they can be orange when they are babies. They are tiny and look like little moving pieces of pencil lead.

Has your plant had any sudden recent change in growing conditions (lighting, fertilization, repotting)? I have plants that can resemble yours if they change growth rates significantly in a short span of time. The cuts in the leaf margins are called "checking" and occur if the plant is growing so fast it's essentially splitting apart.

Paul also has a good point about mechanical damage. Have any pets that might have chomped the leaf? Has the plant fallen over?
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This looks very similar to some damage a few of my plants sustained a few months ago due to a weevil. Chewed up a maxima and a x Gothica pretty good.
thanks everyone who answered but i exchanged this plant for a new one.