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Is it to early for?

Hello I am a newbie here and I only got one venus flytrap but it has set a flower stalk I know I read that you should cut it off but I never seened a flower before on it so I am going to get it grow to see it then will cut if off? but isn't it to early for one to bear did I do something wrong to it? also would like to get another one next spring maybe but I want one with a bigger mouth to it can any of you suggest one? Thanks.
It's probably a little confused what season it's in. When did you get it? If you cut the flowerstalk off you can float it in a covered dish with water or "plant" segments of it in peat and might get baby flytraps.
I would definitely cut the flower stalk.
thanks for all the information which make me feel good cause I did not do any thing wrong? will cut the flower stalk off.
I always cut the flower stalks.