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intermediate tolerance of lower light levels?

I have a few intermediates that I am hoping to ship very soon....the temporary cell I built for them has conditions as follows:

temp 78 day 70 night
humidity 70% day 70% night
light 4000 lumens of compact florescent light
ventilation = very good
soil = damp lfs

From what I have read the temps are good, the humidity is tolerable but the light is severely lacking. How long will they put up with the low light? What symptoms can I expect?

thx. for the input.
Meh, should be fine. I had intermediates surviving under 40w of like 10000K fish tank lighting LOL. Probably not the "expert" answer you're looking for, but it's an answer. My experience.
k thx.....just want to keep them from pouting til they find a new home. was thinking bad comes to worse I could remove the lid to the cell and put it in front of an easterly facing window.