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-Dionea muscipula type


-P. Agnata
-P. agnata {El Lobo}
-P. conzattii
-P. cyclosecta
-P. debbertiana white flower clone}
-P. ehlersiae {Santa Catarina}
-P. elehrsiae 'ascencion'
-P. Elehrsiae (sp.Tolantonga )
-P. emarginata (red leaves, MW clone)
-P. emarginata (red leaves, PH clone)
-P. esseriana
-P. gracilis
-P. gypsicola
-P. hemiepiphytica
-P. ibarrae
-P. jaumavensis {Cardonal}
-P. kondoï
-P. laueana SP1
-P. laueana SP3
-P. laueana CP2
-P. laueana CP3
-P. mirandae
-P. martinezii
-P. martinezii {almost white, scented flower}
-P. moctezumae
-P. moranensis 'Huahuapan'
-P. moranensis
-P. moranensis'Ayautla'
-P. moranensis 'Morelia'
-P. moranensis {came as P. oblongiloba}
-P. moranensis {Molango}
-P. moranensis var. alba {Cristobal}
-P. moranensis var. rosei
-P. moranensis ( caudata )
-P. pilosa
-P. potosiensis
-P. potosiensis red leaves, P34H
-P. rectifolia
-p. rotundiflora
-P. sp. ANPA A
-P. sp. Pachuca
-P. sp. Sumidero I
-P. sp. Tehuacan
-P. sp. Tonala (probably a P. moranensis hybrid)
-P. var.mexicana
-P. zecheri


-p. 'agnata x gypsicola'
-P. 'agnata x moctezumae' (x 'aphrodite')
-P. agnata CSUF x laueana (dark purple flowers)
-P. ' agnata x zecheri' (x 'tina')
-P. cyclosecta x emarginata
-P. cyclosecta x agnata (Stan Lampard cross)
-P. 'ehlersiae x moranensis' (x 'sethos')
-p. 'gigantea f alba. x moctezumae' (x 'apasionada' )
-P. 'gracilis x moctezumae'
-p. gracilis x laueana
-P. gracilis x emarginata (Vic Brown cross)
-P. gypsicola x moctezumae
-P. 'immaculata x agnata ?' (x 'crystal')
-P. 'laueana x emarginata' (x 'seductora')
-P. laueana x nivalis
-P. moctezumae x agnata CSUF
-P. moctezumae x emarginata
-P. moctezumae x cyclosecta (Kay Leistner cross)
-P. 'moranensis x ehlersia' (x 'weser')
-P. 'sethos x rotundiflora' (x 'bailly')
-p. x 'tempa'


-D. rotundifolia


-D. miniata
-D. scorpioides


-Sarracénia Barba
-Sarracénia Maroon
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