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identify for me , camelion lizzard ??


ive been thinking quite a while on starting a tank for a reptile , this is the one i would like, or one very much like this, i want the wandering eyes that can move independant of each otherfor my new friend ,not sure the name or species, but am hoping someone here can get me started if i do this, i want to do the tank right , wouldnt want the critter to suffer from my stupidity.:blush:
here is a video i took at the local pet store, also is it a good idea to buy from them or should i go another way?
I am just starting so I need to know everything , tank size temps humidity food , basic cost at one year from starting, including everything but the reptile. am i looking at 200.00? 500.00?
though 500.00 is probably out of my range, for the setup.:blush:.
Hi Jimmy I believe that is a Jackson's Chameleon and he looks very hungry/starving. I would suggest buying from a private breeder and not a pet shop.

And join a forum online for Chameleons FIRST before you start buying equipment and critters ask all sorts of questions. Most larger Chameleon species can live a decade (or more) if cared for properly so it's a long-term commitment.

Most chameleons live an arboreal life, drinking water from "dew" or a drip system falling on leaves of the tree they are living in. NOT from a bowl of water as you saw in the pet shop. They eat live insects which you will need to add vitamin supplements to, to prevent them from getting metabolic bone disease. Best also if they can get some real sunlight.

Also they shouldn't generally be in an aquarium but a tall screen sided cage with a live ficus tree with some extra branches lower down so they can regulate how hot they want to be by moving up or down in the tree/shade.
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Swords is right. There is a lot of research ahead of you. Chams can be rough from what I understand because they need very good air circulation and high humidity ... not an easy combo. Joining a chameleon forum is a very good idea.

When keeping and breeding Chameleo jacksonii and C.johnstonii think HL Nepenthes conditions. They like open, airy, cool environments with a "hot spot" of only about 80 degrees or so. UVA and UVB lighting is also an absolute must.
Chameleons are really tricky. Plus, they only live for 2-5 years. For arboreal lizards I'd suggest a gecko as a starter. I've had my giant for 14 years and he's super low maintenance.