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ICPS/NASC Benefit Auction

The International Carnivorous Plant Society and the North American Sarracenia Conservancy are hosting a joint benefit auction on the ICPS forum. We are in need of donated auction items and would be extremely grateful if you could help us out. This auction will help fund anti poaching initiatives through The Nature Conservancy and other CP conservation projects. Here is the website Home | International Carnivorous Plant Society . Thanks in advance for helping us out!
Donated a few items last night when I heard about it.

The auction is for a good cause and even if you don't have anything to donate check it out and there may be something you want to bid on.
I'm donating here as well. 'Looks like fun and we can make a difference!
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Time is quickly running out for bids. If you haven't had a chance to look or if there was something you meant to bid on you might want to check it out very soon.