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after years of waiting for the two to flower simultaneously they finally did. I cross pollinated four flowers each of capensis "broad leaf" and madagascariensis. as a bonus my nidiformis was flowering too. so i have a total of 8 capensisXmadagascariensis seed pods and also 8 capensisXnidiformis flower pods.
so far i mainly see swelling in the flowers which received the capensis pollen. I think it has something to do with the tiny pollen sacks of the nidiformis and madagascar not being compatable with the giant capensis flowers.. but luckily the capensis pollen seems to have worked and i can tell the flowers that got that pollen are (seem to be) developing.. it's been about a week now

now i have a question: which order do the names go in relation to the flower receiving the donated pollen?

like if the nidiformis received pollen from the capensis, would i name that hybrid capensisXnidiformis? or is it the other way around?
Seed parent goes first in the name. Congrats on the crosses! I'm waiting for my aliciae x natalensis and vice versa pods to ripen.
seed parent= the plant that fosters the seeds?
female/pollen receiver = first name of hybrid.

Sounds cool. I believe there is a lot of untapped potential in sundew crosses. 'Looking forward to hearing of your results.
Looking foward for the pictures !!
today i harvested a few seed pods. I sowed some nidiformisXcapensis seeds that looked pretty good and healthy, and some madagascariensisXcapensis seeds which looked iffy. im still waiting for other pods to ripen but it's beginning to look like the madagascar crosses arent as viable as the nidiformis crosses
Sounds fun! Good job.
harvested the rest of the seeds today. I got one nice pod full of capensisXnidiformis and that was about it.. the capensisXmadagascariensis pods were bunk. more updates in a few weeks when i get some sprouts!
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well i sowed the seeds a few weeks ago. I got several sprouts from the nidiformisXcapensis cross and the rest have yet to do anything.. however, my pots had a burst of algae growth that pretty much consumed all of the sprouts i DID get.. i tried transferring them to fresh soil but so far only have one left that is barely hanging on. The outlook is grim :(
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keep up the work! im a much bigger fan of capensis crosses than of pure capensis'
i have a capensis x spatulata thats looking very nice about now.
dont give up hope! i got excited reading about the madagasgarensis ~
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fingers are crossed for your survivor
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fingers are crossed for your survivor

oh, it's dead :( they're all dead :( :( :(
I ordered more madagascar seeds and a live plant in order to increase my chances of getting a flower on one at the right time.

also took root and stem cuttings from my existing ones. I kinda had to because i set the pot outside recently and the durn snails ate off the growth points :cuss::crap: :angry: :thumbdown: :ohno: :cry:
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man, i hate spelling out "madagascariensis" !!!!!!!!!
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Man that's a bummer! Mollusks bite big time. I found a baby snail recently happily munching on the base of a VFT that was an indoor plant that had been recently repotted. It just kinda hatched outta nowhere.
For sure keep up the efforts though. Sundew crosses seem like they have very cool potential. I couldn't agree more with NewspaperFort: capensis x's seem much cooler to me than plain ol' capensis. I also have a couple and they shine in my collection. They are very easy to propagate through leaf cuttings in alot of cases, and therefore easy to maintain enough in a collection and enough to spread around to friends and admirers of these little oddities. :bigthumpup:
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Hybrids! Oh, how we love hybrids! There are so many different ones everyone knows: Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor and vice versa, Nepenthes x ventrata, etc., etc., etc.! Who knows what will come out of them?
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