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I Got Mail! :D


The Snake Charmer
Hey guys! Yep, I'm still on vacation lol..

Just got this photo today as an update from my petkeeper. It's my Godzilla (An adult female sailfin lizard) with my keeper's son. Awww!!!

See you soon my beloved babies! :D


So what're your babies up to?
I see the resemblance to its namesake.
Hydrosaurus is a great species. Terrific looking female you've got there ! Do you have any adult males ? There's nothing quite like a fully colored up male Hydrosaurus to catch the eye.
My mom does have an ancient breeding pair. Unfortunately for me, i only have this one. Will make room for her future groom once I'm back in my home country :p
That is an epic Lizard dude haha.
That is an epic Lizard dude haha.

Tell me about it. She's my alarm clock. At sunrise, she would perch on my back or my leg then lightly scratch me to wake me up. Which is actually her way of saying, 'Wake up and let me out so i can have my morning sun.' Lol