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I could use some advise

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
Sep 7, 2001
Alexandria Bay, NY Z-5a
Am I good or what?! Well I found that the brown moss that it is in. (Sphagnum) Harbors mold so I replanted mine into a regular pot. You can keep the balck soil at the bottom (the peat) since that is OK and just mix some perlite in with it and then just put it in a 3-4 inch pot and you'll be fine. You also could just remove the Sphagnum for the terarrium and mix perlite in with the peat and keep it in the terarrium but with the new Peat/Perlite mix. Hope everything works out! Nep.G. ( I have done this before forom the LOWE'S boughten plant and it has worked fine for me.