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How to Keep Sphagnum Moist?


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I feel like I'm over-watering my Nepenthes because I have to mist the sphagnum so much. I never have to pour water into the pot because its always wet. The sphagnum dries out daily unless you keep it wet. In some pots its growing 1" or 3" above the soil line, so it can't draw water up that much. When I touch the medium, you can't ring out water super easily, but your hand gets a bit of water on it. It's not saturated, but its more moist than I think is acceptable. How do you dress the top of the pot with sphagnum properly and keep it from drying out so much? In the pots where it is growing lower, it isn't as much as an issue, but in most of the pots, the sphagnum is already building a big mound up. The warm days (mid 80s in GH) of the summer and the high light levels may make it worse. I don't think I'll have the problem as much in winter, but how can I keep the sphagnum from drying out in summer? Do I cut into the medium a bit and bury the sphagnum into the pot? I don't see how this would help as much because in time a mound would just build back up and the stuff on the bottom would turn to the stuff that's in there now.

**As it is now, I am misting the sphagnum once in the morning and once in the evening to keep it moist, not wet...

Humidity is 90% at night, 80% until maybe 11:00 AM and 60% at the peak of hotness/brightness, then 80% again at around 7:00 PM, and this is in the summer. In the winter it would stay a lot more humid during the day. That's the best I can get it.
if the moss dries out quicker then the soil over and over, consider repotting in a more airy, better draining mix. that way you can water the whole pot more often. works great for me!
I water all of my Nepenthes twice a day with a spray bottle. Sphagnum and Neps are growing well that way. Sphagnum likes it wet, no way around that. If you visit a Sphagnum bog you'll see what I'm talking about.
You could limit yourself to a live sphagnum top-dressing -- often misted -- with some looser compost below. This pot is composed primarily of coir and drains in a flash . . .

In some pots its growing 1" or 3" above the soil line, so it can't draw water up that much.
When the moss gets too 'leggy', it's very difficult to keep the tops from drying ime. Chop the moss & replant the tops in the media. Each time you do this, the moss layer will be thicker & more resistant to quick drying.

I've also noticed that some species of LFS tend to have this issue of over-extension more than others. If it continues, try another species.
Thanks for all the help guys! :)

There's no way I'm going to repot like 15 neps... Too much work and money. I can't really switch species either because I already have boatloads of this sphagnum. The medium my neps are potted in is pretty well draining. When I pour a cup of water in to flush the pot, it all pours out the bottom in a flash. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how it does in cooler weather when its not in constant heat and sun. :)