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How often do Drosera capensis flower?

How often do Drosera capensis normally flower?
What has been the most flower stalks you've had in the smallest amount of time?
It has seemed to me that flowering is generally a function of age and health in D. capensis. Plants often flower throughout the growing season. If they have the proper conditions they can hold at least 2 flower stalks at a time, and possibly more. And many flowers and seed pods. I don't know how temperatures and photoperiod length affect blooming beyond just being in generally sufficient ranges. These don't seem to be critical with this species.
My capensis alba push me flowers all the time. Sometimes 2 or 3 on the same plants when i feed it a lot.
Thanks so much for the info!
Too often...
Just got 2 flower stalks on my alba!
Yeah I've got 2 stalks on my typical right now, and it just finished with its last stalk about 6 weeks ago. No idea what I'm going to do with all this seed.
Now I've got to see if I can get 3 stalks going at one time!

Give them away in the CP Trading Post section of this website. I found takers for all my seeds last time. :D
I bought my capensis baines kloof plant around 2 years ago and the plant started flower one week ago for the first time. It dependss. But overall an ordinary capensis flowers rapidly :-O