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How fast should Drosera Capensis move?


Agent of Chaos
Howdy. I have a question about Drosera Capensis and how it feeds. I've always been under the impression that a Drosera Capensis leaf will curl over prey in a matter of hours. I just fed mine a large ant and the leaf completely curled over in less than 10 minutes.

Is this normal?
depends on the health of the plant, and the temperature..
healthier and/or warmer = faster.
less healthy and/or cooler = slower.
size of prey, and how many "tentacles" it engages, would also be a factor.
so there are a lot of variables..

10 minutes and 1 hour both sound reasonable and normal.

For me it depends on the variety as well. A capensis red seems a bit slower than a broad leafed one. 10 - 30 minutes I can have tightly curled leaves on all my capensis, though.
Mine seem to Close faster with live bugs compared to dead/fish food.