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home depot or lowes PERLITE

so i went to both stores, only carry miracle grow perlite, (wt hell?)

any other substitute or brands that this ridiculous stores carry?

working on nepenthes soil here.

Thanks guyS!!!!
try smaller local garden centers, rather than big chains. Most of them will have normal perlite (I think a common brand is Hoffman's). The smaller mom & pop nurseries are also more willing to order it for you. Plus you support small local businesses.
You can substitute it with other inert aggregates like pumice or lava rock (these might be even harder to find though).

Also, I agree with Dragoness, check the smaller stores and dedicated garden centers. They often have huge bags of plain perlite that will last you forever.
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thanks guys, will do!! man ya'll are so fast
I've bought them at the Emeryville Store in the East Bay!
The 2 cu foot bags that is..
Orchid bark and pumice are also a nice additive.