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Hibernating D. Rotundifolia

I got so much help last time I asked about hibernating by D. Binata (namely that it's not necessary), I'm wondering what people do to hibernate their D. Rotundifolia?

Recently I discovered some volunteer sprouts of this neat little variety popping up in a few of my other Sundew pots. The ones I have currently are just pups (no more than 5 months old).

I just put my Sarrs and VFTs to sleep for the winter and so I'm wondering if I need to do to hibernate my rotundifolia sprouts?

Currently they're in a terrarium that's on a 16-hour photocycle that gets to 70 at night and about 80-85 during the day. I have all of my sundew plants in this large terrarium. I was going to reduce the photocycle for the terrarium to 12 hour over the winter. The temps will remain about the same.

Thoughts? Thanks guys.
If they're seedlings that just sprouted you can keep them up this winter if you want. Just make sure you let them hibernate next year.
This newsgroup never ceases to amaze me with the speed and smarts of its members. Thanks guys.

I'm learning more and more these plants are a lot more sturdy than I was - at one time - lead to believe. I'll let them go this winter since some are sprouts so small I need a magnifying glass to seem them well. Next year I'll hibernate them in the fridge with the VFTs and Sarrs. Or maybe since I'm thinking of making a bog outside, toss them in there.

Mass - do you know what your USDA zone is? Mine is 5b (this is my weather - http://www.weather.com/weather/5-day/Lincoln+NE+USNE0283:1:US).
I live in zone 5 as well and we also have native Drosera rotundifolia. Their range extends into the northern reaches of Canada and Alaska.
yeah, we just got bumped down from 5b to 6a this year.

be careful when just tossing things in the fridge though.
Temps too cold too quick will just shock the plant.
Best to just leave things outside until the temps drop. Dormancy tends to be a gradual process..
Thanks for the feedback everyone.

mass: This is an unusually warm week (the one I gave you). We've been consistently dropping into the twenties every night and maxing out in the 40s during the day. My sarrs, VFTs have been outside the entire time and visibly went into a deep hibernation during the week of getting into the twenties. I then trimmed them and set them in the fridge. This has been the pattern I've employed for about four years now with great success - so they seem to like it. With regards to tossing the plants from the terrarium into the fridge, I totally agree, I'd never do that.

I plan on creating a bog next year up near the house, doing so I'll just have these guys outside year around. I will probably put these drosera out there.
i live in the adirondacks saranac lake in particular and we hold more records for coldest us city. we get on average a week or two each year of no warmer than -20 f. The rotunds grow wild and in vast vast numbers and come back every year. If these can take that whatever you offer should not be a problem. Do make sure they dont get to hot, and do give a dormancy ive tried growing all year but after the second year they die without dormancy
That's the other concern: heat. We get summers here in Nebraska that are in the 100-110 range for nearly an entire month. The sarracenia and vfts seem to just scoff at the temperatures given enough water...I worry about the sundews in those temps.