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Hi all,

My name is Jason and I really got into growing cp about a year ago. I do have some sarra seedlings that I started a couple years ago and they got me hooked so I decided to do some research which in returned made me more interested in these plants. Now I'm addicted.

My two favorite plants are sarracenias and cephs. Basically because they grow the best for me in the conditions I can provide for them. I really like nepenthes but I struggle giving them proper light, humidity and temps. Flytraps grow well for me too, but don't grow to their potential. I had them outside all summer long and they really slowed down in growth during our hot months which got 100+ degrees for several weeks straight. Sundews are pretty and I enjoy them as well. I haven't had much luck with pings. They grow well for me indoors then die, so I need to do a little more reading or preparation then I'll try them again. P. esseriana is my favorite ping and I finally got a hold of one. It was growing well then I moved and it apparently didn't want to and died :-( These are the only cp I've tried but may be interested in trying some others in the future. Here is a link to my grow list.

I enjoy growing orchids and other plants. My friends make fun of my because my house is full of plants. I've work at a high school and coach wrestling for the last three years now. Some of my wrestlers came over and saw my plants and of course now they make fun of me and enjoy giving me a hard time.

Well although I'm new to the forum I do have some experience and I've done my research. I hope to help others and get involved in the forum. I'm still trying to figure my way around here. So far I'm really impressed with how generous everyone seems to be and hope I can add to the generosity and do some give aways once my collection matures.

Welcome, Jason! You will find there are many enthusiastic Sarracenia and Cephalotus (and all other genera!) growers here who are very generous with both their knowledge and their surplus plants. I'm sure you'll find this a great place to learn and share your experience. Nothing feeds a plant addiction like a shared experience! ;-)

Me, I am mainly a highland Nepenthes grower, with a dedicated greenhouse for the genus. You can see my photoblog here: http://nitrogenseekers.wordpress.com I also grow a couple hundred Sarracenias, both species and hybrids, and a handful of Dioneae, and a few Drosera, although Drosera don't do very well for me in general. I prefer the binata types, and luckily those are the ones that do well.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the community experience here. Welcome.

Welcome to TF!