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Hi Frienddsss!!!

Hi!, My name is Pete, I live in Spain, now.

Im a sarracenia entusiast, my growlist is not very large like yours, but she are growing :)


I'm interested in swapt or buy many seeds and sarracenia! =)

Thanks and regards! =)
Welcome to the forums! I think you'll find that there are many *very* generous people here.
Welcome to TF!
Welcome to Terraforums, from the little state of RI, USA :)
Welcome to TF!
Hi! Thanks for all for the welcome!

I'm impressed with your growing list :D

Thanks and regards
Welcome to the forum!
Hello, and welcome! Im also very interested in sarracenia just as you are. Hopefully we can do trades one day.

Looking forward to seeing you around here. :)
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Hi thanks for all.
Yeah, I wish we make many trades :), when I have many sarras and seeds :)